Our Gearbox Story | The will to repair

At Gear Exchange we believe that running a course in-house brings various advantages for both individual workers and our organization all in all. Be that as it may, what are the main 5 favourable circumstances of doing in-house training?

  • Cost-efficient: on the off chance that you have to train a group of workers, in-house training is very cost effective. As an organization, we are also able to deal practically with real challenges that we meet on a daily basis.
  • Customised Content: with in-house training we work through our own particular contextual analyses and address particular training and business needs.
  • Accommodation: running a course in-house implies that we choose a period, area and pace to suit us and our associates, sparing the organisation time and money.
  • Specially Selected Trainer: We choose the trainer most suited to our training needs, with the goal that our engineers get the most out of the course.
  • Consistent Quality: Staff may prefer learning with their associates, and preparing the greater part of your staff together additionally implies that we can make certain of the consistency of our learning and improvement.

All these benefits of our in-house training becomes very valuable to our clients because we are able to give them high level of service and ensure that their gearbox issues are handled expertly. 


Although we have a compliment of support staff,  we employ  six  Qualified Mechanics and a compliment of support staff.  We have a very experienced fulltime Fitter and Turner Machinist.


To keep our staff up to date our policy is to send all our staff to whatever training courses are applicable and available.


We have in in-house machine shop, which is equipped to meet all our current needs.  Our very experienced Fitter and Turner is able to manufacture and turn parts.


Each Gearbox built is re-checked by a second Mechanic and the name of the Mechanic who assembled the gearbox will appear on the gearbox.


As we have a wide range of customers (whose needs vary) our guarantees vary depending on work done and our client agreement. However most sales are for the 12 Month / 20 000km guarantee with service agreement.


We regard all comebacks as urgent and priority, however because of various issues e.g.:

  • Mechanics
  • Training
  • Responsibility etc.

Each comeback is handled on its own merit.


In the event of a dispute, the RMI, whose word I do not argue, can be approached.

Gearbox Exchange has a wide range of expertise under its umbrella to give best services and most competitive prices to its customers.  We pride ourselves with honesty and integrity!

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