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Gearbox Repair

It is normally not safe to take your car for repairs at a back shop, or to a referral mechanic. Some mechanics might overcharge, damage your car further, and you might end up with a bigger problem that will eventually cost you more money or depreciate the life span of your vehicle.

Gearbox Exchange has a reputable Gearbox centre with all the different parts needed to repair your beloved car. Over the years we have built reliable business relationships with many well-known car manufactures, making it a hassle free process to get the right part to repair your vehicle.

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Our Gearbox repair centre is fully stocked with gearboxes, differentials, transmissions and many more parts. So you can rest assured that we will always find a solution to either restore the necessary parts,or replace it in order to repair your vehicle.

Gearbox Exchange has a hired team of specialists who will ensure that your car is fixed properly and on time. The company has a code of conduct regarding how services should be offered to the client and we will settle for nothing short of excellence. We repair your vehicle with complete honesty and integrity. This strict moral code which runs through our manifesto is the reason why our company has such a loyal client base which has enabled our business to grow exponentially, because, as we always say, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Don’t believe us? Check out the multiple testimonials which support our extraordinary service, confirming that Gearbox Exchange will always keep it on the road.

Gearbox Reconditioning

We guarantee you that you bringing your vehicle in for service will increase its lifespan. This process is vitally important when you are planning a long trip on the road or if you’ve just come back from a long drive. Making sure your car is serviced is our commitment to you and ensuring you have a reliable, safe set of wheels taking you to where you need to be is a promise which we are determined to keep.

Gearbox Exchange‘s expertise is focused on reconditioning and maintaining your car, maintaining its continuity and keeping you on the road.

Gearbox Exchange Cape Town

Gearbox Exchange Cape town are committed to building and maintaining relationships with loyal clients. Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive the quality services they deserve. We rejoice in our customers having the peace of mind to bring in their cars for a free diagnosis. Once we have identified what is wrong with your vehicle you can rest assured that it will be repaired by a reputable, honest team of experts whose mission is to provide an affordable, reliable service while working towards a single, focused goal, getting you back on the road.

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Differential services

The company has seen an increasing demand for differential repairs in the country; and decided to act on this opportunity to increase business. We have expertise in repairing all types of differentials such as differentials for heavy duty vehicles that normally travel long distances with products. We acknowledge the strain your industrial vehicle may get with all the traveling, moving products from one location to another.

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The differential allows the drive wheels to rotate at various speeds in turns without the wheel binding or hopping. In the event that you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the differential is on the back axle. You’ve seen that lump amidst the axle when you’re behind a truck – that is the differential. 

When you bring in your car, our service technician will check differential liquid level and top it off if necessary. With low fluid, the differential will run excessively hot and wear prematurely. Ask our service advisor for when it’s prescribed to change your differential fluid. Fresh fluid will broaden the life of your differential. Our expert will likewise review the u-joints which interface your drive shaft to the differential and may suggest service. Some u-joints can be lubricated as a major aspect of a routine lube, oil and filter change too.

Gearbox Exchange goes the extra mile ensuring that your vehicle is maintained and the differentials are in good condition all the time. We do this to exceed customer satisfaction and keep you safe on the roads.

Not forgetting all the light vehicles, your car on the road has to be functioning well to avoid accidents. Our Differential repairs offer you complete confidence to keep being a responsible driver all the time.

Differential & Transmissions

Gearbox Exchange specialises on how the differentials and transmissions work, with all the experience acquired over the years we would like to ensure you that the most important thing to the company is to ensure that your time spent on the road is a pleasurable one. This can only possible if your vehicle is in the best condition.

Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to Gearbox Exchange for quality products and services guaranteed

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Replacing a car clutch may be one of the most complicated processes in car services, but to us it’s a piece of cake. There are so many parts that need to be assembled and reassembled to finally get the clutch fully replaced. Taking into consideration the importance of the clutch in a moving vehicle, we specialise in replacing clutches regardless of the type. The whole complicated process is handled by our skilful employees who will ensure that the car’s clutch works efficiently and effectively before handing your car back over to you. When you replace your clutch at Gearbox Exchange, not only will you receive top notch service, but you will also benefit from the knock-out, competitive prices that keep our loyal customers coming back, time and time again.

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Clutch Repairs

There are many reasons why your car may need clutch repairs, you might see a couple of these signs when you drive. For example, your car might start to release dirty smoke when you drive it. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it looks bad too. In extreme situations you may not even be able to start your car! We suggest you bring your car in for a free diagnosis to determine the exact problem and deal with the necessary clutch repairs.

Clutch Overhaul

At Gearbox Exchange we are constantly looking for ways and methods to develop our current products. This motivates us to continuously improve, grow and enhance the life of the consumer. With our years of experience and expertise we possess the ability to bring new technological products and improve lives of our valued customers.

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